Struggle Silently

Born in to a life by whom I dont know.
I yern to know the womb I came from.
Pictures come to mind of a women I never knew, but once touched apon and understood to be my biological Mother, who had troubles.
You died before I knew you, you left me behind to ask why.
Why did you let go of me?
Why did you let go of life?
What went wrong in your life?
How did you feel?
What hurt you?
Did you love me?
You left this all unanswered when you left. Unattached to you I have felt twice now in my life, once at birth and now in death.
I struggle now with the thought that I will never know the answers to these questions I have asked.
You left no grave for me to visit, nor sit upon. A flame you left by and ashes I did not see be placed upon the sea.
So, can you see how I struggle silently.

Linda P., Adult Guest