My Friend

My friend running is the flash and he is really fast.
My friend got a cast because of this mean bear named Kast.
My friend is very energetic and playful.
Well, of course, my friend is really grateful.

My friend is like a frog when he jumps because he jumps very high.
My friend said he will go to the beach in July
My friend can't yell very loud.
My friend sounds like a very soft cloud

My friend sounds like he has no feet when he's running.
My friend is super cool and very stunning.
My friend looks like he ́s a size like me.
My friend plays a game called rummy.

My friend eating is like a tiger devouring his food.
My friend said he is well fed.
I decided to nickname him Gump
I wouldn't let anyone treat my friend like a dump.

--Kaden V., 3rd-6th Grade