By Heather, just Heather
Love doesn’t withhold or hoard its most valued treasures
It doesn’t turn away when faced with pain nor does it ignore despair
Love is what we were created for- to seek, to find, to know
It turns grey-scale ghost towns to vibrant soul-rapturing gardens
This love parches the dry-mouthed, oasis seeking wanderers of life’s deserts
This love must be invited in and will not be found with force,
but enters only through open doors
and an invitation to warm its feet by the fire
This soul-piercing love is only for the brave and the giant-slayers
Love exposes us for whom we really are and leaves the soul bare
In the face of adversity, love chooses what’s right regardless of the cost
Love can bring both awe-inspiring and soul crushing moments,
sometimes both at once
As the world’s most desired treasure, it births hope
Love is the simplest yet most profound necessary truth of human existence
It is the currency in which we withdraw and deposit into the lives of others
Love turns tides, even in the middle of a storm
It can wash away burdens and lies
Love can leave us with better navigation or as a soaked and battered sailor
When the storm finally breaks, love is the light behind the clouds
Love removes masks and breaks insecurities,
Because love always gives grace
Love searches the world for keys to the chains of others
and even unlocks those that we have placed on ourselves
Love breaks our bondage and sets captives free
It is authentic, trustworthy, and true
Love knows not of conditions
It accepts us exactly as we are, not as we should be
Love gives without expecting a return on its investment
It gives freely and doesn’t keep score
Love pursues with unceasing passion
It lights the darkest corners of hearts and souls
Love brings the shameful out of the shadows
It guides others back into its warmth and light
Once found, love cannot be separated from your innermost being
It is so intricately intertwined,
there is no longer a beginning of one and an ending of another
Love makes us known, and true companionship is in the knowing
Love transforms wounds into scars,
and the scars show others how warriors are made
It never backs down from a battle and will always win,
Love softens hearts that were once impenetrable stone

--Heather H., Adult