Treasure these days with as much happiness as you can,
Time flies by and mistakes bring back memories of regrets.
No one human is perfect but the less mistakes you make the faster you will solve your equation,
When you are young it’s complicated to find a path.
Discover something of great passion,
Let the road keep you going towards success.
Obstacles will always near like cruel demons pulling you down,
They are deadlier than lions that crave to take several bites.
Life may go wrong instantly but you must bring yourself up,
Nothing else to do than to live and stay with the ones you love.
Life can be difficult but not impossible,
You must keep fighting until you reach the top.
Discover your adventures around the world,
Keep your eyes searching the precious lands.
Show love to the ones that are so dear,
Without people you will be forever alone.
Be happy and have a good meal,
Always keep your life real.

--Michael M., Adult