Kindred Fellowes

In searching the roots
of my family tree.
I uncovered a group of
kindred fellows.
Who were perched up high?
In a leafy canopy.
Many poets and authors
reciting verse and rhyme.
Not nameless authors and
 poets you will see.
These famous leaves that
adorn my family tree.  
I had a chance to meet them
one by one.
I reflect on how wrong I
had read their poetry.
Many, I tried to emulate in
my own poetic way.
I imitated Frost’s poem “The
Mending Wall”
I call my poem “The Eccentric
Ernest Hemingway is a branch
of my family tree.
I found he was quite personable
and not standoffish at all!
As of now I have not emulated
or imitated his poetry.
I look up and see Edgar Allen
Poe calling out “Hello”
Exclaiming he read my poem
“The Haunted Toy Shoppe”
I am quite shocked to think
Poe read my poetry.
Then I saw Emily Dickenson
sitting all by herself.
Jotting down, the verses for a
new poem in the works.
I bluntly ask her “what social
issues capture your attention?”
She replies, “my poems will always
be about women,”
It’s time to break the glass ceiling for
all women
Letting educated women be equal to
their male counterparts.
These are only a few of the branches
and leaves on my family tree.

--Leslie G., Adult