I'm Okay

I’m okay.

I hear my mom’s sad, lonely voice singing in a
corner of my head.

I want my mom.

The memories race back to brothers, my
sister...laughing, crying, scared, and
now gone.

I wonder why I am sad.

I have a big, balanced, bricked home and I get good
grades. I’m playing in all the sports.

I’m okay.

I dream seeing my family getting along and happy. My
mom cooking the best food, my brothers playing ball
outside, my sister and I painting our nails, but that’s just
a dream,
a fantasy.

I look through my memories and see a picture of
my mom, I’m grateful I still have an image, but I can’t
say the same about remembering my siblings.

They were just babies; I wonder how they look
now...I’m worried if I will ever know.

I touch the running water of the misty shower; it
whispers to me...You’re not okay.

Water falls down my face and it’s not the shower water.
It's my tears.
My nightmares are alive.

How can I be okay?

I need them, I want them, I miss them.

After thinking over all the pros and con of my life,
I understand the struggle I need to fix.

I Bless that the lord will help my family and I.

I say to just have faith.

Faith that they will be okay without me.
I need to be okay without them.
Their living a better life,
Better memories.

I dream that one day everything will be okay,
I’ll be okay,
life goes on, I will see them again when God thinks I'm

I try to sleep, but I still have nightmares.
I’ll get over them,
One Day,
I will be okay.

--Maria A., 7th-8th Grade