Dear Austen, my daughter

Dear Austen,

Here's a poem that I promised you...

Since the day you were born my dreams came true.
God chose me and I got you.
You are a miracle, whom makes my life complete.
Just hearing your a sound so sweet.
Every beat of my heart, beats for you.
And everything I believe in, is believing in you.
I try my hardest to be the best father possible,
You give me strength to make it through these obstacles.
You give me hope, you’re my motivation
And You will always be my inspiration
I will give my life to ensure that you are happy.
You light up my life knowing that I'm your daddy.
My love for you goes beyond the stars,
around the world and back from Mars.
I will protect you with all of my power
You are my rose my beautiful flower.
Once again, I’ll say it louder...I LOVE YOU AUSTEN! for you are my daughter.

Love always,


--Andy N., Adult