All that you can see,
As far as you could see,
All as farther than you,
Nothing close, is as it seems
Some fake, others real
for now, nothing at all
That you could see,
For now believe in what you believe
Nothing is as it seems,
 Our eyes lie to us
Distorting reality,
All that is possible
Sometimes seems impossible,
Somethings seem Right
Others seem wrong,
It is for you or I to choose.
Things seem right to us
But look wrong to others,
Up but not down Down but not up,
Right to the left,
But not to the right,
Left to the right,
But not to the left,
Everything but Nothing,
All of it but One,
Blue sky but Red sun
Cloudless day but Rainy day,
Summer Cold
But warm Winter,
Lights in the sky
But darkness all around on the ground,
Seeing forever
But not seeing at all,
All the colors around
But no colors at all,
A room filled with space
But not having any space,
Seeing beyond
But never seeing beyond the edge,
A man with memories
But a Broken mind,
Walking always straight
But almost always late,
Staying up late
But never in a sober state,
Constantly drowning
But always swimming,
But not confused,
Not mad
But somewhat Maddening,
Its up to you
But not up to me,
To make a choice
But not to make one,
Its all our fault
But not all ours
We are all here
Yet you are alone,
Trapped by madness alone
But lost in a sea of emotion,
Wandering forever without a future insight.
--The End--

--Brennan V., Adult