Books are the chocolate of knowledge and the mind
They are like sweet candy to the reader who is kind
You can enjoy them like a party that never gets sad
When people read a good book it makes the book glad

Not reading a book is never having fun
Judging a book by a cover makes it feel like it never won
Trying a new great book is like having a great new love
Take care of you book since it hates to get a shove

Everyone has a good book that they love like dessert
Books like to be clean so make sure they have no dirt
Reading a great book is having an adventure of your own
The books like it better when they are not dusty or thrown

The great stories in books are like adventures in your mind
When reading books it’s like there's a secret you must find
A book is a piece of imagination expressed with a pen
A new book can be like a new land not explored by men

--Maxwell T., 3rd-6th Grade