Worthy exchange

Communication…like oxygen in the air..
It surrounds even when we are most unaware.

Do you care?..about how you do it?
Analyze for a second as we dive right into it.

Do you conjugate as you converse?
Or do you stare at your plate and avoid eyes like a curse? Or WORSE!

Does that screen of that thing that you hold in your hand require such demand?

Can you at least show some interest?
And even if you don’t care much, don’t share such, and act as if my words were like Pinterest!

Do you converse?
Does it look healthy?
Can you go from beginning to end without stopping to interrupt with a selfie?

Do you converse?
Can you take words and strip them down until they're crude?
Or are you too busy sharing on insta with the hashtag #RUDE!

Do you converse?
Do you speak real words?
Or does that thumb do the talking while clicking so fast that it blurs?

Do you converse?
Do you view the true content of characters as a treat?
Or are you more concerned with not maxing out characters in your tweet?

Do you converse?
Do you use real nouns and verbs, similes and metaphors?
Or is your mind more consumed with silly fantasy sports scores?

Do you converse?
Are you aware of the message that my words are trying to send?
Or are you lost in the noise of your cellular toys so you can’t comprehend?

What I can decode from what your body just told is that you need intervention.
Put that antisocial media device down and just listen.

Snap that bad habit of not chatting with me,
Because true words need no filter, as you can see.
Read me as if MY face was a book.
Like and share my story and tell others what you took.

Comment on the interests I share.
Show the one in front of you that you do really care.

Subscribe to my ideas and hang on every ending.
View my point and the true message I’m sending.

Because after all, why else am I here? What are we doing?
This relationship matters you see…It matters to me.

Now let’s make like some tea and get this conversation brewing.

--Omar J., Adult