Why The Sun Is Still Shining

A child was born one day
while the Sun was high
in the afternoon.
It rained on that day
as though God was crying
for the joy of a new born life.

The child grew
became fair and strong
and wondered whyWhy his mother cried
when a flower faded.
Why his father drank
and cursed the world.
Yes, the child wondered
but he wondered most,
Why the Sun is still shining.

The child became a man
his question still unanswered
and a choice to make...
To search for the reason
follow the endless herd of men
who did not care to know,
Why the Sun is still shining.

This man, this lonely man,
said he would search
and search he did.
He passed
through long, snow covered Winter's
breathing cold, still air.
Then magiclal Spring's
where roses bloom
and birds sing.
Through Summer's hot and sweaty
with the long endless days
and short bitter nights.
Still he could not find the answer
and did not know,
Why the Sun is still shining.

He watched children playing
happy with the joys of youth.
The young lovers he knew
as they walked
hand in hand
through the playland of life.
He learned of the brothels
and its women
who are alone and dead inside.
Sorrows and aspirations of mankind
were with him always
as were hate and fear
who told him to quit
for there is no answer.
Yet on and on went this man
and tryed to know,
Why the Sun is still shining.

Now he is old and dying
there is little left of his life.
He looks at me
takes my hand and smiles.
Through my tears
I hear him say
"I now know,
Why the Sun is still shining."

The man is dead
his secret gone with him
buried in eternity.
And from this day
I must search
for the reason,
Why the Sun is still shining.

--Bob  R., Adult