The Power of Words

He tried to sit down,
Make some friends,
Used to be a bully,
Now he's trying to make amends.
She complimented his hair,
Said hi to Mrs. Pearl.
Should we trust her?
She used to be a mean girl.
He pushed me to the ground,
Ruined my new pants
My mama worked all night making me
For tonight's school dance.
She called us names.
We cried and she laughed
Little did she know
It was cutting me in half
Nowadays most people don't understand
The power of words
They humiliated us, but didn't know,
They were destroying worlds.
But now they want to change.
They also don't know that an apology
Is all they need to exchange.
As long as they don't change their mind
And go back to being blind
They have the chance to heal worlds
Now that they know the power of words.

--Leni S., 7th-8th Grade