The curse of the genie

In every wish or deep desire lies a darkness brewing,
For that which you purport to want contains it's own undoing.
To ask for anything unearned is to feel hollow;
and while you reap a great reward the price of it will follow.
Those who seek the splendor found in riches near unending
will always hold suspicion toward the people they're befriending.
Wealth may have allure when regarded on it's own,
yet it is truly worthless when one is all alone.
Those who as for cherished love; for passion they can feel,
will forever know the truth that it is still unreal.
Loneliness and longing will be all they understand,
when they've fallen for a puppet that arose from their demand.
Those whom ask of a power far beyond the scope of men,
soon find that their abilities will bring about their end.
Speed and strength will tear a person's body clean apart
Whilst immortality shall condemn a person's heart.
For every wish or deep desire is in itself a snare
To realize this is to plead for staying unaware
Only one escape remains for those whom hither have been cast
Whisper out the final words "I wish I hadn't asked"

--Daniella T., 7th-8th Grade