oh it took me so long to realize...

we are soulmates

but not meant to be together

not meant to be lovers

we are meant to be close

meant to be perfect for each other

everyone thinks it’s weird

how we always do everything with one

but it isn’t odd.

it shouldn’t be weird to have a soulmate who isn’t your lover

we are impervious to these statements

an austere society thought it foreign:

two people whom are soulmates, but not lovers.

simply because we love each other & we’re of the opposite sex, they say “you must live like loving partners!”

but we are just living.

not for one another. but together.

we can explore life

be there for the other

dance, sing, love, laugh together

we can be comfortable in the arms of a soulmate and be ourselves!!

because we’re soulmates. but that doesn’t always mean we have to be lovers.

-- Bella G., 9th-12th Grade