Reduce My Dishes, Please?

I try to get you full off my dish
But you push away the dish given to you on a silver platter
Do you have any idea how hard it was to make that recipe?
To have the confidence to make that one specific dish?
You like the other dish better?
You mean the one without problems on it?
It’s not my fault that problems keep on jumping onto the dishes
Why is it that you prefer that one over this one I just gave you?
I try to make you full off my dish
But you can’t see the amount of important things that problems has left for you to consume
Then, please teach me how to perfect this dish!
Help me make this dish the most beautiful dish anyone has ever seen!
A dish everyone would enjoy eating without getting a stomach ache
Won’t you give it a taste?
Why won’t you at least taste it?
Is it too bitter?
Too messy?
There’s too many dishes on top?
Then can you help me reduce the amount of dishes on top too?
There’s way too many dishes?
You weren’t saying that when I was helping you out with yours
You didn’t ask for help?
Well I helped you out anyway didn’t I?
Can’t you do the same for me?
With all these dishes with problems on them, I can’t possibly digest them all
You don’t want to deal with my dishes?
But I put up with all of yours even though I was full!
I didn’t want to deal with yours, but I still did!
I plead of you! The dishes are becoming weighty and are surpassing the building right in front of us! That amount of weight that the dishes are putting on me is causing me to have so much misery!
They keep on crashing into each other!
You hear them clash, bang, and clang!
It’s blocking my view of the light in front of me!
The happiness that came with sunshine and rainbows are being covered by the dark blue blanket in the distance. Now, I only have a little white hole in the distance that lets light in only every other day. I can’t even reach it! It’s so far away!
Please take off the dishes that have problems on top!
...You left
Next time I won’t be able to see you anymore like I use to back then
The dishes got too high
Problems gave me way too much to handle now
They now made it impossible for me to see others too
The reason I went to you is because you know how to reduce the amount of problems on these dishes
But all you ever say is, “Deal with them yourself!”
“Grow the heck up!”
How come you are unaware of the types of paths I have tried? I have already been down that one too many times, but it keeps on getting me back to where I had started.
I’m not strong like you are
I need support and strength to get these dishes down
Why did I get so much in the first place?
They were given to me!
I couldn’t refuse them!
It wasn't my intention to keep them all!
...You ignored me
Why do you think I keep them hidden in my room?
Upstairs to the right
Next to the bathroom
You can go look and see more and more problems pile on the dishes
There are so many dishes, huh?
These are all the recipes I try and make perfect
Would you like to pick one and taste it?
Or is it still too much for you to digest?

-- Susanne M., 9th-12th Grade