Rainbows Still Appear

What a great time- to just call a friend,
You will probably find them, just staying in.
We should take advantage of this time in our life.
To plug into old friendships, it helps with this strife.
Talk about past times, the good times you've had,
We need this break, in these week that are bad.
We also need to thank God above,
For his never ending kindness, his wonderful love.
Try looking for Rainbows, you know...they still appear,
Just look on the bright side, our dear Lord is near.
I won't grumble or walk around with a long face,
Our home is filled with the love of his grace.
So don't let these set-backs, determine your mood,
Just thank the dear Lord, for giving us food.
For giving you family, and memories galore,
Each day, I'm aware of his goodness and more.
So I'm asking you, your blessings to count.
Open your heart to sunshine, kick gloomy thoughts out.

--Sherra T., Adult