Gilberto daughter's son

Literacy Narrattive for Peers

The life of “Gilberto” and his connection to “Jacob” and why it is important. The purpose goes far beyond all the moments in Gilberto life, with introducing the important senses that shape a man and his family lives, He is more than just Katherine's father, Gilberto is responsible for helping defining Jacob identity and transforming him from being a “throw away person “in society to a man who’s “able”, finally into a productive leader in life.

The "Me-shee-ka" people

It all started back in 1917 nearly one hundred years ago through the California Mexican Port of Entry, the “Me-shee-Ka” people dream's themselves and their children’s, children’s, children’s. Mr. Santos, his pregnant wife “Jacinta” expecting their second child little along with Gilberto all left Mexico. On March 3rd of 1917 to arrive in Hollywood,CA the next week over on the 11th of March that same year. This was a special moment for all of them with hopes and ambitions of living a full life and reaping their reward of that non tangable feeling of FREEDOM.

“The first American shakeup”

The emotional shaking “Jacinta” would endure, as a foreign widow in her new homeland of Hollywood, CA. with the two children a boy, a three-month-old girl. Raising her family on 23rd street in Hollywood, CA. Jacinta knew life was going to be difficult as a widow with no family support to help her. The tragic death of her late husband forced Jacinta to face the messenger of misery, she knew what she needed to do to keep her family together. Jacinta took on more responsibility by working three jobs to support her family day and night,Being exhausted and physically drain of life unable to taste her own sweat from inside her mouth with one day off a week on Sunday’s to come home and enjoy her kids, this would be a way of life until the summer of 1933.

The unexceptional Summer of 1933

The weekend leading up to the 4th of July in 1933. On 23rd street in North Hollywood, CA.
A warm beautiful summer day, Gilberto walked outside the yard to buy his sister the biggest Ice cream Sundae, that fatale afternoon. “In the blink of an eye”, She was bouncing her big red ball in the front yard the ball bounces so high it lands outside the yard into the middle of the street. Gilberto didn’t notice his sister running for her red ball in the street. A “hit and run” unnecessary death of a blue eyed blond haired girl, Hit by a BMW 303.Is what the Fire Department and the Police said to the Housemother who would oversee caring for both children’s. Pronouncing her deadbody was too overwhelming for Gilberto, his world ended right there. watching his little sister body laying still in the street and clothing full of blood, Mrs. Santos was contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department. that her daughter had been struck by a car resulting in her death. Outside her residents in Hollywood, the car never stopped for her daughter in the street. Many of the neighbor in their neighborhood were saddened to see the Santos family personal loss in losing “Jennifer”, Mrs. Santos was taken to hospital for medical treatment, the news of her daughter's death that sent her into shock. The Housemother kept Gilberto remembered watching his mother cries out in Spanish, as she cried out “mi hija / dónde está mi hija/por qué”. He said losing her took away all feelings, The sight of death left an empty space in everyone and after one week his mother returned home to bury her only daughter's at Valhalla Memorial Park cemetery. Jacinta told him do you see your sister shining soul—The lord has open the doors, that why there is a rainbow today, it’s for your sister to return home with your “papa” hijo and as the two stood all day in the cemetery they talked about their pain of this and Jacinta told Gilberto he would be moving to a farm up North near Delano, CA. she would not be going with him, She was dying and she wanted Gilberto to know she loves him and explained the new arrangements she made with a farmer and his family.

Delano dust Bowl of the 30’s
1935 it happens, Jacinta died right there expiring with all of her Five "traditional" senses. The housemother arriving late to work found Gilberto holding her head up, well trying to put a pillow under her head. Ms.Smith ran quickly to Jacinta asking Gilberto what happened? He said she fell with her body dropping to the ground mama won’t wake up, Ms. Smith calls the operator to send over an ambulance to 23rd street for Jacinta. Gilberto said Ms. Smith kept going on about Jacinta dying on the same day as the “dust bowl”. Ms. Smith cried as she had to give Gilberto to the farmer and his family, she didn’t want the strangers of a small farming community to raise Gilberto she told the man. In 1935, two years before her passing she made a will, in her will. she would give clear instruction for her son to live with farmer and his family up north in Delano,CA allowing him to be around children his own age tried to live a normal life, with people of good values of farming and to raise her son far away from the light and action of Los Angeles, CA
Almost a man now , He remembered “Poncho” telling him . Right before October 22nd of 1942, Gilberto you been an orphan your whole life now what do you think about selling some watermelon in Bakersfield, Gilberto tells “Poncho” His family story and how living on the farm has changed his beliefs and views of the world. Gilberto telling poncho goodbye and thank you. October 23rd ,1942 would arrive faster than expected bring him to Fresno to pick up his enlistment package and getting on the bus to the next United States Army base for training. leaving the world behind him going off to war, He was watching Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca right before getting his promotion of Sargent of his armored tank battalion. He said being in combat and having plane drop bombs on his battalion in North Africa, and going to Sicily to fight, “the Axis powers forces” scarred him but he carried his father’s gold watch as a personal symbol that no man would take from him. “Santana Navarrette” he only knew her for all of two days, they fell in love with each other only a day earlier in Fresno,CA Chinatown district.Well overseas, Gilberto would send “Santana “money, postcards from all kinds of places including Paris, France. After being honorably discharged from the United States Army. Gilberto returned to Fresno,CA in hopes of starting a family of his own.

“the first color television set & the first father and daughter show”
April 28, 1954, He said he remembers watching color Television well holding Katherine for the first time in his life. After Santana gave birth that morning he could not stop looking at Katherine, because she reminds him of both his mother Jacinta and Jennifer. leaving his family never returning. He said he lost his greatness in graveyard with them and holding Katherine put him into shock, he said she gave him joy again when he held her in his arms and he would hope to have a relationship with her later on in life.

“restoring the full relationship”
Olive avenue the southside of the street, fifty feet west of 9th street, On April 5th of 1984 Katherine who is a parent of four children’s herself now. two girls two boys. Got a surprise of her life, she meets dad!! Gilberto meets Katherine and her four children, Sophia, David, Jacob and Liza. He smiles as to ask everyone their names one by one everyone says their names and receives a small gift expected for one child “Jacob”, He whispered to Jacob, when I return I will give you my father’s watch. Jacob at the time was only three years old holding his Easter basket just smiles and goes to play with David.

Marked "to my dad" or "confidential speaking ".
By the Spring of 2010 Katherine too starts to wonder about her dad well talking to Jacob. She asks can you really find anyone, are you just kidding? tell me the truth!! Jacob said I can find anyone in the world even those who don’t want to be found mom! Really okay find my dad. Jacob did it in under 56 hours, with limited information, Gilberto A Santos was alive and living in Tucson, Arizona. Going to the veteran’s hospital almost daily. No idea his Katherine was searching for him. After the news arrived in a letter from Katherine, she got a phone call, she screens all her calls by looking at the caller said VA Hospital. She asks who could be calling from the VA? On the other end was a deep voice saying hello may I speak to Katherine. They both sob on the phone for hours. the VA Hospital cleared “pops” to Hoop on board United flight 136, bound to Fresno, California. When he arrived he asked about her children, she told him what roads in life all of them took, he said your youngest “Jacob” reminded me of my father is he the one who found me? Yes, he is the one who found you? His wife has a gift for Jacob and I want to talk to him, beforehand I leave Fresno. This gift has been with me to see the fury of war around the world.. It's a broken watch that does not make sound and only tells time twice a day.Holding this watch Jacob you can Smell your family history. It’s your Jacob.

“The 4th of July”
Well they both talk the night, each one laughing about how loud the fireworks are in Fresno,CA and in Tucson,AZ Making plans to spend the next 4th of July in Fresno. His wife said he stood up all night watching the fireworks and about a minute after midnight, on July 5th of 2013 He said I can go now with “Me-shee-Ka”.

We talked, we had some deep conversations about life and looking back on life, he asked me what do I want to be in life and why? I told him as a child I wanted to fly F-16 planes-because jets are cool, be a preacher- so I could help preaches the word of the bible and pray among others and go surfing, I explain to my grandpa, that I had been told my whole life I was a loser and worthless person and how I let people words take over and stop me from reaching out and following my dreams of becoming an attorney a businessman. He said I had been through it, kicked in the face by the enemy well asking god to spare my life and forgive me for my sins. You're much more smartest guy's who hasn't been wasting his time, stopped it Jacob!! Get up, get yourself together, goest do everything's learn how to dance, go back to college. Get yourself two or three jobs your great grandmother done it too and so can you. "Pops" gave me a choice to understand for my life; stay home and nothing will happen or get out there in the world and started creating a better life for yourself. I did, and this plan has put me on a pathway to become more physically and mentally healthier for myself, by getting into routines and talking with people I would never have asked questions, taking feedback and learning on my own how to use it correctly to benefit me in climbing up in the world. Pops told me when his mommy and daddy gone no one is becoming to help him, so he needed to start thinking for himself and networking. As a soldier he had to take on more responsiblity That when he asks I would challenge myself in live by taking the kind of necessary risks to archiving a more successful, lifestyle-So I told him after the kids get bigger and I no longer be a fulltime uncle for my twin nephews. I will start working to reshape my lifestyle. It’s a rewarding road and I’m blessed to be on this path in life.
--Jacobo  G., Adult