CV-19+Education=A New Future?

It was March 13th 2020, Friday to be exact.

Our kids would leave our gates and not come back.

America was under attack,

by a virus raising havoc.

CV-19 was spreading throughout the planet.

Education was looking for a response.

Copying packets started at once.

If your family is high in the area of earning,

your child might experience distance learning.

Exposed inequities were discerning.

With both parents and students at home,

this started the homeschooling syndrome.

There's are a lot of gripes and moans,

as hours of school work entered homes.

These are the seeds we've sown.

Hustling from Zoom to Zoom,

wishing that school would resume.

Distance learning became the new perfume.

My spam folder is filled with the all of a sudden technology boom!

Free this, free that!

For years we've been trying to close many gaps,

this virus placed them directly in our laps.

Feels like education is going through a deep cleanin',

the pendulum is swingin', I think we're finding meaning,

let's leave the old behind and stop the copy machining...

Some of us are leaning,

towards no grades without true teaching.

Underserved communities are falling into a deeper peril,

unemployment line is the new apparel.

No one is handling packets unless they're sterile.

We never hit the brakes,

it felt like we hit the gas, hoping this would pass,

but now we're wearing masks, afraid to get gas.

We're living in a pandemic, all of this is academic,

learning happens everywhere, that's how I'm'a spin it!

Surround yourself with forward thinkers.

This game is full of hook and sinkers.

They'll have you making an illegal left turn with no blinkers.

Running this new race with no sneakers,

I'm making time, collaborating in the bleachers.

Connected with some way forward peeps on Twitter,

got to collab while we're stuck inside like a Siberian winter.

CV-19 has our attention like a splinter,

but we aiming to take advantage of our disadvantage before we enter.

Enter this new terrain, alleviating pain, removing many stains, and taking no names!

Making adjustments is necessary,

if we return to normal, that would be scary.

Where my innovators at?

Where my philanthropist dropping cash like that?

Or when this is all said and done, will the free platforms be asking for cash right back?

--Prince M., Adult