23 Years

23 years and still I lay here lost
23 years and still my education is no higher than when I last walked to get my diploma 6 years ago
23 years and I work at a fast food restaurant
23 years and still I walk on my own two feet to and fro
23 years what have I accomplished
23 years and I have a roof over my head
23 years and I'm no longer living under the ones who gave me life
23 years I provide and build my own strength
23 years and I've learned the hard way you got to fight for what you want in life
23 years and I've learned that not every person who's nice is a friend
23 years and my crowd of friends became a small circle of people I trust
23 years I've loved, and I've lied, I've been broken, but I got up and I tried
23 years and I am still not yet successful
23 years and I'm still learning and still growing
23 years and I'm still climbing
23 is just a number. Don't let it stop you from discovering the things you love and the people you love however you choose to get there.
I am just 23.

--Michelle L., Adult