The Light of the Heroes of Today

In a world that's gloomy in ways,
Yet like hope... it shines like day,
Heroes standing in first line,
Even though many people already died,
Yet they risk to aid in thy ways,
Even though people disobey,
To stay home.. to save lives...,
The worst yet to come tonight.

When the sun rises to another day,
Breath of life... to dismay,
They stand up... tall and ready,
To overwhelm what's provoking our steady,
for our present.. and our future,
Make it so they may be blessed,
So hope finds a cure,
And everyone joins back in song,
Friends hug and reunite,
all to the heros that are Knights,
Thank them forever... for who they are,
for being here,
For being strong. 

--Adamaris M., 7th-8th Grade