The Butterfly Project

Such a fragile and delicate thing is the butterfly.
How can it bear the weight of such a heavy promise on one’s wrist?

Oh well, give it friends and strengthen its hold over the mind.
A simple symbol of a solemn vow, meant to quench the heart and mind’s brutal battle.

Not to be erased, but allowed to fade. Not your enemy, but an emblem of your strength.

Take away the cold blade’s burning desire, yearn for a new feeling. You are not alone, the butterflies are plenty...

Emerge and take flight on new wings, letting your strength build up as you fly higher and away from your lonely cocoon which had once gripped you so hostilely.

It’s in these dark and scary times that you need to be brave, wear the mask until it becomes a part of you, do not shy away and use it to hide from the world.

Embrace it. Share it. Overcome it. For you have always had the right to call yourself loved.

By no means be afraid to fall back down, for there is a vast net of your family waiting to catch and send you back up to the clouds.

Let the butterflies shower you with love and support, for they are all on your side...blanketing you with the warm hands of comfort.

Given or received, please take good care of them. Do not fret, be reposed, for the breath of life floats in on a subtle breeze.

Hope...change...and resurrection. A beautiful depiction of your soul is the “psyche”.
A fragile and delicate thing, that represents the ever-lasting, unassailable will to keep fighting.

-- Mia T., 9th-12th Grade