Perspective of a Transgender

The words blend into my mind
It's deeply hidden, inside all I know is an armageddon
Doing my time for a crime that’s unknown, I think my offense was existing
It's okay in my opinion I just think I should be seen as a human being
In your eyes, I’m a monster terrorizing the woman and the kids
A dragon in the kingdom stealing the princess
When in reality I’m locked inside your prison, making daily wishes, to be awake outside of this 72 by 96-inch room.
I’m doomed for the future, counting on the adolescents to make the moves in the present
Cause even my president hates me, To be honest, my body hates me
Nobody would understand it, I demand some satisfaction, the feeling sense of belonging
Because I don’t belong I am pitied, You should understand the difference.
There is no respect with the intention of being respectful, we just feel obligated to follow the law of the dreaded house of representatives and the senate.
I feel sick to my stomach and I never even ate, rocks flow up the throat and crush on my larynx
I don’t know my purpose or why I’m being punished, outcasted by the outcasts and thrown away by the unembarrassed hate enthusiasts.
It would hurt less if I wasn’t seen as scum, hoping for a day to come where everybody didn’t
care why I was breathing or the science behind it.
It feels like everywhere I go I’m the test subject.
I wasn’t made to transform you, I was made to exist, I wasn’t supposed to be your lesson, I was supposed to be a kid.
Now I’ve grown into a man and even that is a debate topic,
I’ve lost my head pondering about this.
Nothing I do can stop the hate from coming, I’m a defenseless citizen with an army of guns heading my way and there is no possibility of ever being safe.
Now at this moment, I must surrender.
They’re slamming against my door I have no defender.
Let’s ponder together.
Imagine what things would be like if I wasn’t transgender.

-- Alex R., 9th-12th Grade