On the Lam

Who is that shuffling about in the shadows?
A hangman preparing to haul me off to the gallows?
Guess it's due to my being so reckless and callow.
What caused me to sow this field I know of many foes and much misery?
How could it be that I lived only for money and jealousy.
Guess my past is bound to catch up with me.
When is it that my delusions and illusions become my reality?
Can it be that I am doomed to die 'neath this here willow tree?
Guess this is what you can expect when you suspect everything's free.
Where is it that a man like ol' Dan can rest his weary head?
How is it that every sound fills my body and mind with such dread?
Guess it could be that I'm better off dead.
Why has my fate so deserved not emerged from beyond the tree line?
Did I just hear a faint whine in this endless sea of knotty pine?
Guess I'll find out in due time. 

--Chase F., Adult