Nat The Forgotten Puppet

I didn’t always live a life like this- I used to be a PUPPET.
Where I didn’t speak louder than my own TRUMPET.
My strings were pulled by people who were my FRIEND.
Where I thought we would be together till the END.
People I thought were like my brother or SISTER.
I ended up calling them Ms. and MR.
They replaced me with better puppets, even when I wasn’t broken, they left me on the SHELF.
Where I could only think of MYSELF.
They had used me when the puppets were tired and BROKEN!
I learned that I couldn’t stay quiet from all this hurt-That I no longer will be used. Something inside me had WOKEN!
I had said, “I had enough, and for your information-my name's NAT!” as I said while grabbing a toy CAT, my trumpet, and a cool HAT.
I stood there with my hat on my head, my trumpet in my hand, along with my new toy cat. My cat and I came to life with our invisible chains gone. Nothing holds us back from the truth. WE became free, I became human. I have been chained by my own mistake. My own thoughts. I thought in my head,“When will they play with me again? Who will remember to play with me? Where are they now? What are they doing now?” Then one day I thought,“Why would they bother to play with me?” To this day when I have said I had enough . . . I had realized . . . I was . . . FREE!
We were all FREE!
Miles and miles of freedom we can all SEE!
The Puppets yelled,“LET’S GET ICE CREAM!” with a loud ROAR.
They went to Starbucks to get some free water. They were so thirsty they drank a gallon EACH.
It was on the table, so it was hard to REACH.
All the puppets would THRIVE!
The Marionette's, Sock puppets, Rod puppets, Hand puppets, Finger puppets, Shadow puppets, and the Ventriloquist DUMMIES- stopped eating ice cream, and drinking water with their satisfied TUMMIES.
They needed to go to the toilet to take a number ONE.
The puppets thought while waiting, “When will they be DONE!?”
They had said running and running into the bathroom spinning in circles waiting for their turn, (something to keep them occupied), “I ran so much I had lost one POUND.”
They had gone back to the ice cream shop and said to the cashier, “I’ll have another ROUND.”
I woke up the new and forgotten puppets eyes a LONG time ago. They were free from their own chains from their thinking. Now they're finally turning human, and eating Ice CREAM.
The puppets dressed as cops eating donuts from KRISPY KREME.
I said almost screaming,“This is an amazing DREAM!”
While … Running down the STREAM.
We were all amazed from this FREEDOM.
Nobody will ever MISLEAD ‘EM!
The Puppets life has been a LIE.
Nat The Puppet will never DENY!

--Natania Z., 3rd-6th Grade