Mirror Mirror

We all underestimate the amount of power she carries A
Because we think nothing of her less than an object B
She only has one purpose, but she does more than just reflect. B
Whether you’re in a room or looking down on it from a dock full of ferry’s A
We depend on her response as if it were a sanctuary. A
We hold onto her until we she tells us we are perfect B
Until we receive the truth in which many times we reject B
She holds the power to make us vulnerable, that is not stated in the dictionaries A

A girl waking up every day to search for the truth C
To only be destructed by what she sees D
She lets the power she has, take over her E
Day after day, it soon has taken her youth C
Till one day she broke down in front of her, down on her knees D
She took a look one more time until she gave up and her vision was a blur E

Fabiola V.G., 9th-12th Grade