Lovely Day ain't it

The light shines so bright,
Brighter than the sun,
But I see dark
Darkness as the night sky.

Pitch black I see and to never wake,
Wake up, WAKE UP. Is all I hear
But no sign.
No sign of waking up
Why couldn't I wake up
Just laying there not opening up my eyes.

Waking up every morning with darkness surrounding me,
Going to sleep before dinner,
Family doesn't care so why should I,
Laughter I hear but never a peep from me,
Ha ha ha so fake as you hear,

Friends leave me, Teachers don't care
Why do I live? Why should i stay? WHY SHOULD I BE ALIVE?
Darkness is all I see. DARKNESS, DARKNESS and so much DARKNESS.

All I want is to be alone
So why not end it
End it all
Just end it
End it with all my might.

Hiding under my hoodie,
Hiding in my room,
Hiding in the restroom,
Hiding till no one remembers me,
Hiding till the light disappears.

Lovely day ain't it,
Lovely day to end it,
Lovely day to shatter it,
Lovely day to let it out,
Lovely day to end it all.

-- Julio F., 9th-12th Grade