I Thought We Had More Time

For those who lost parents to COVID-19

You brought me into this world,
And you raised me up strong.
I thought we had more time,
But I know now I was wrong.

If I could see you one more time,
See your much-loved face.
If only I could tell you thanks
And feel your sweet embrace.

Did you know how much I love you
Before you had to pass?
If we only had more time,
I wouldn't have to ask.

Why did I have to wait?
You're gone, and it's too late.
I worry about you not knowing,
And my tears will not stop flowing.

Death snatched you away,
And I must bear my shame.
I can say I love you in my heart,
But it's just not the same.

--Yaisa M., 3rd-6th Grade