Corrupted Puzzle

I may be fragile
but I am not to be counted weak
but I also can't be counted honest
My perfect puzzle, destroyed
pieces missing
pieces stolen
Such a time-consuming thing
yet time doesn't
have patience
the burning fire
in my chest
no patience
it's everywhere
it's soaked
I'm soaked
drowning in the pity
I shamelessly give out
The puzzle will
never be as identical
as before
to bare it, I don't
I can act
I can pretend
I am good at that
my soul is not
I let negativity take over
It slowly poisons my mind
my words
Hurt is not only a feeling
It's my decided world
I am numb to it
it's still there
slowly ripping me
If I cry
If I scream
If I go insane
I will cause more grief
than added
But I am insane
I begin to shove
the wrong pieces back
out of desperation
I avoid it
I avoid them
The puzzle appears whole
on the outside
but the picture
is unclear
pieces shoved in
the puzzle is not the same
but worse
it's corrupted.

-- Belle D., 9th-12th Grade