Why Me?

A pilot of four years
A bombing mission at sea
The plane was shot down
My crew was missing
The Coast Guard found me
Everyday since that day I asked God why
Why was it me, the only one that had survived?
I received medals of honor and public appraise, but why was I regarded as the hero,
when so many others had died?
I thought of the families, just like mine
who still wonder if their hero might be alive.
Although those families may never know,
I wondered why the crash wasn't my time to go?
I sought for reason in a world of questions and lies,
what was my reason to survive?
I thought of my children and my caring wife,
were they the reason that I clung to life?
The doctors say it's time to let these thoughts go,
but if I forget will I have any purpose at all?
I figured it out, I now know why,
why it was me the only one that survived!
If I had not lived and perished that night,
who would remember my brave crew of five.
With a new meaning and purpose to life, I will never again have to ask myself
The question is answered,
my purpose is found,
I must not forget my fallen crew.

-- Garrett A., 9th-12th Grade