The Worm of Sorrow

Sorrow is the thing with no eyes, ears, or limbs.
Sorrow is the thing with slimy skin,
oozing everywhere, & causing despair.
Ooze spreads over the heart,
Snapping lights into dark,
Causing it’s host great deals of great pain,
In any condition, sun, snow or rain.
Infecting others is It’s goal,
Dragging their happiness into a dark, muddy, hole.
Sadness, & numbness is all the host can feel,
as it’s happiness is prepared for Sorrow’s next meal.
The host’s only hope is to dig inside themselves, &
go deep underground, where their happiness Dwells
And reignite their light,
letting it shine bright, destroying the Worm,
giving the host a peaceful night.
To be free of the grasp of the Worm of Sorrow, remember, you’ll have a new, fresh start tomorrow.
Surround yourself with the people you love most, to ensure that the Worm doesn’t makes you It’s next host.

--David Jesse F., 7th-8th Grade