The Virus

As luck would have it, it has taken over our lives
For, any foul play means no man survives

It being the be all end all of our existence
We must take a stand and go the distance

As we have found ourselves in this pickle
We have come to realize this is no small tickle

The front-lines have not slept one wink
Sharper than a serpent's tooth it is, we mustn't blink

As we have had no time to prepare
This will not vanish out of thin air

We’ve seen better days and there's more to come
The time has been adding up, and we are close to the sum

Many unlucky souls have fallen into the mud
Greatly, none have been of my own flesh and blood

Soon, it will be as dead as a doornail
As we have not gone this far to fail

-- Anthony C., 9th-12th Grade