The Tree

While walking through the gloomy forest, my yearn for home returned. The cozy fire and warm blanket in my mind was the only light in the dark labyrinth of trees. Why must I have to leave the comforts of my own comfy retreat? However, I shall not quiver in order to deliver the package to my dear neighbor.

Thus my journey continues.

My trusty steed is all I need to complete the task ahead. Through the dark forest and into the snowy mountains I must go. Although surrounded by black, I am not left in the dark. The warmness of home illuminates the path I must follow.

Try as I might, I am reluctantly aware that even the best workers need some shut-eye. So, I find a nice tree to tie up my steed, and try to get some rest.

But my eyes are awake while my body is asleep.

I try to make out shapes in the dark, but am unsuccessful. So I just stare into the horizon as my senses slowly awake from their slumber. Suddenly I am awake. I heard a strange noise. But, I shake it away. It must have been the horse. Now the sound starts up again. But this time more defined. It sounds like my cat, Buttons, scratching on my door at night. I’m now on my feet. The horrible scratching continues and the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

I know I’m being crazy so I slowly lay back down on the cold tree, the only source of comfort I have right now. But I am woken once more by a movement. A strange, quick movement.

A movement from my once comforting tree.

At first I thought I felt wrong. But once I felt my body on the damp earth, I knew I was not. A million questions raced through my inquisitive brain. A moving tree, how could that be? Or maybe, just maybe, my tree wasn’t really a tree.

-- Isabel A., 9th-12th Grade