The Rain

I see the sun.
You are with me.
The sun is gone.
You are gone.
I think of the moon.
I think of you.
The moon is gone.
You are gone.
The rain falls.
You are gone.
The rain pours.
The clouds darken.
Tears fall.
You are gone.
The rope burns.
The gun is cold.
The knife is sleek.
You are gone.
So is my world.
The mirror glistens.
I see myself without you.
I remember what you did.
I lower the rope.
I put away the gun.
I throw the knife to the side.
You are gone.
But that is good.
The sun peeks through the rain and clouds.
You are gone.
My world needs to rebuild.
But it can go on without you.

--Mariella E., 7th-8th Grade