The Beautiful You

That lie you told when you said you’ll always be the same
You’ve become someone that has definitely changed
Where have you gone that beautiful self?
Time doesn’t stand still just like the beauty she is
Going away just like the end of summer
Still, like that old summer day, her beauty will always stay
As ethereal as always and forever in the heart
A love that runs deep that’ll always be with you and me
The end can’t be seen but even when it comes,
you’ll still be as beautiful as you’ve always been
The ephemeral you, leaving me in the end
but no I’m not worried because
Every cold winter passes with the time
Every blazing summer will never stay in place
Every cool breeze in the fall will eventually just dissolve
Every colorful spring will leave with a sting
And one day, you’ll leave with all of the majestic me
But all that doesn’t matter because I know that you’ll be somewhere better
As beautiful as you are yesterday as beautiful as you are today
As beautiful as you are in the past and forever that’ll last
All like that old summer day
Yes, you’ll always stay the same
Just the ineffable you
Just the beautiful you

-- Leena V., 9th-12th Grade