Quarantine Routine

Eyes open, morning has come
School should've started but I remember, there is none
I get up from bed thinking, here it is again,
The Quarantine Routine
In the shower, water trickles down
When I get out, I have a frown
'Missing school and friends again' I say
Maybe I can visit
You Can't!
Huh? Oh yes, there's a limit
To the Kitchen, I go
After, I'll exercise
Maybe walk?
Maybe run?
Oh, nevermind I'll just have some fun!
I'll play my phone
I'll sing
Or maybe even swing!
Time passes
Oh my!
It's already 5
Fine then, maybe I'll rest and read
But then I remember my pets I forgot to feed! Poor thing!
Hours later, particularly 3
I'm tired
Maybe I'll sleep
Time will go faster through Quarantine
Therefore, this is my Routine

--Alyssa V., 7th-8th Grade