Notice Me

Forced to stay home,
With just me and my mind,
Left to ponder the dark thoughts,
My mind will not resign.

Alone in my room,
As my depression resumes,
Scars on my skin,
The pain is no longer just within.

I hear my family,
As they wander the house,
Nobody's aware,
Of my overwhelming doubts.

I hope and pray,
That they notice my cries,
"Mom, Dad, please,
Call me out on my disguise."

I know I'm not worthy,
Of the sympathy I ask for,
Please just offer some patience,
When you see that I'm at war.

The good days, the bad,
My mind's inconsistent,
I just wish I had a home,
Where I felt I actually existed.

No one to blame,
I'm not pointing fingers,
I just need the extra help,
When the gray sky lingers.

-- Samantha M., 9th-12th Grade