My Mexicans People

I love my Mexican people
I love us because every day we wake up to a country who hates us
We wake up, give thanks to god and go to work
We come home to watch the news and see how we are made to sound like criminals
We pray and wish for a better tomorrow
We pray for everyone to have a better tomorrow

We just want to feed our families yet,
they get angry, we are hard workers, we do jobs better than them,
they call us aliens

I love my Mexican people
we have constantly had to prove our humanity and
we have constantly done it beautifully because to stay human under these conditions you have to have an understanding of beauty

I love us even when our stories are manipulated and abused.
I love us even when they accuse us of being drug dealers and rapist
I love us because at the end of the day somehow we manage to make something out of nothing
I love us no matter what they say
beaner, wetback, alien

Everything isn't beautiful about being Mexican,
But we will never show our pain
I love my amazing Mexican people

-- Marranda C., 9th-12th Grade