You’ll never lose value

You’re like a dollar slipping out of a pocket.
You fall down as soft as a feather,
You get wet on the recent rainfall that created a puddle,
Harnessed to that puddle until it evaporates,
You get stepped on by multiple people.

You feel sad and unworthy,
Feeling like you are no value to the world.

You get shifted back and forth by the wind,
Until one day someone picks you up,
They go to the shop and exchange you for an item.

You go to the next person and get smooshed in their wallet,
Of the back pocket of their jeans,
You get put in a basket and carried to a big box,
With many other dollar bills,
Get passed to a boy,
And drops you.

Many people walk across you and on you,
You want to get up and walk away,
But you can’t,
You feel it’s the right thing to stay down,
Because, you feel unappreciated.

Someone picks you up and takes you.
And after all that,
You’ll never lose value.

--Carlos R., 7th-8th Grade