You and Me

You and Me
We have been together for the longest of times of the history of us
We are equals
You are always by my side, I am always by yours

You bring the raging headaches with all your silent thoughts aloud between ear to ear
I consistently listen to you, no change in that ever
I am the constant reminder of the good, between Me and You
You are the constant reminder of the bad, between You and I

You are the competition
You and I are the utmost of friends are the utmost of enemies
You and I have something wrong, corrupted in us
You are You and we can’t change that ever

You never do what I tell You until the slightest of seconds left on time
I wake up to find You here, always. Aren’t we supposed to like each other?
I don’t like You, I don’t like me
You don’t like me, I know the hatred

You are a continual by my side, bonded together wherever we go
We could never be without each other, you are forever my other half
We have the emotions and affections of the harsh, swiveling wind on a cold winter's night
You are Me and I am you.

--Hope V., 7th-8th Grade