Within the word ‘we’ stands a greater meaning 
 A meaning that is rather far from our reach 
 “We as the people” 
 “We as a nation”  
As one whole, WE are powerful 
 We stand as a strong country, and if more, state  


The words slip past our tongues as fast as we can blink  
Beneath this golden platter, a fire is lit  
Scorching and slowly engulfing everything in sight 
 For it is not the goal to only invent something new for the world
  But it is how we decide to maintain and manage it  

  We utter the word UNITED 
 Yet, shower ourselves with endless disputes amongst one another 
 Solutions have become ghosts  
Instead, people are too busy focusing on ‘who’ did ‘what’ wrong 
 The first step should be to understand ‘your’ mistakes as well  

  How is a nation UNITED when their people can’t feel safe at home? 
 How is a nation UNITED when they only fight their own people?  
Do they really KNOW their real enemy? 
 It is simply the result of their own mistakes
The horrendous, powerful, and most ferocious foe  

 Citizens who can’t help but leave matters in someone else’s hands
  The government that can’t respond to the cries for help 
 ‘We’ a word that hides beneath the shadows of ‘true meaning’ 
 A GOAL that isn’t entirely focused on 
 A DREAM we have forgotten
  “Be careful for what you wish for” was what they said  
Too much candy, and you’ll get sick

--Aaralyn V., 7th-8th Grade