What is Depression?

Depression is when you can’t taste food.

Everyday doesn’t have taste, so it’s numb.

Every day is like the last to the next.

And if it’s not numb, it’s tiring and exhausting like running a mile over and over and nothing changing.

And the bugs that hit your face, are like life, school, friends, family, work, siblings, and lost loved ones.

Depression is not like a laugh where it just fades away.


Depression grabs your heart and squeezes it like nothing before.

And that pain makes you feel broken to the point where you cannot get fixed.

It makes you feel hopeless and that no one will ever love or care for you.

It makes you feel lonely even if there is 100 people around you.

Because that is what every one is going to be, alone.

Everyone goes in their own time.

--Danna A., 7th-8th Grade