We All Want

We all want to be fulfilled
We all want to feel loved by someone
We all want our voice to matter too
We all want to feel cared for
We all want to find who we are
We all want peaceful sleep with no worries
We all want to be treated with respect
We all want a place to call a real home
We all want comfort, when we feel so broken down
We all want to know that we’re not alone in the secret struggles we don’t show
We all want answers to certain things that have happen to us
We all have dreams ,or had dreams as kids
We all just want to be free in our minds
We all want help at times when life starts to change
We all want to feel like we’re doing something
We all have good in us, even if in the past we were different
We all want to make it somehow through this beautiful , and unexpecting life
We are all different, but more the same when you really think about it all

--Miguel V., Adult