The Virus

The Virus

It all begin quickly, in a far and distant part of the world,
seeming so small and innocent when it was far away.
Then details begin emerging about this health crisis,
seems it was more serious than they wanted to convey.

Slowly, sadly, silently it began to spread to other lands,
Country after country reporting of this horrid sickness.
Soon the world was covered in a cold cloud of grey,
And the Coronavirus changed lives with rapid quickness.

An unthinkable new reality of masks, gloves, and isolation,
What will happen to America, home of the free and brave?
People mandated to social distance for the greater good,
effort was made to keep people from going to their grave.

Schools closed, and teachers try to inspire from a distance,
children confused because their world is turned upside down.
Nonessential businesses closed and some go without income,
While we try to stop this unseen poison from spreading around.

Too many lives affected, the high numbers are astounding,
easy to feel despair and darkness at the loss from this beast.
Yet so many heroes emerge from the heart of each country,
pledging to work together until this pandemic has ceased.

People made a difference during this historical time of need,
Their selfless courage a beacon of light for others to see.
Human spirit will persevere and overcome this challenge too,
In the end faith, love, and kindness are the ultimate key.
--Kelly M., Adult