The Tragedy of Society

Oh my! He was a clouded child
Broke free from his walls of stone;
Wanted to use his mind to create something wild,
and seize the thick-thorned throne.

The wind blew him west past the canyons
as a lone man without any kin;
Tried to make it in a changed world,
but the world changed him.

He just watned to be heard and seen,
so he lived life frame by frame;
But was too aged for the screen
and outcasted by the words of society.

He now plays the black and white keys,
as someone society treated wrong;
Now sitting behind thicker walls,
He's playing his life... a sad song.

Society pulled him like gravity,
So please try and understand;
Society is now a tragedy,
So come with me to La La Land.

-- Samuel M., 9th-12th Grade