The Siren And The Fisherman

A fisherman sails out to sea.
To catch fish for his family.
Who lives next to the willow tree.
Waiting for the fish from the sea.

The fisherman meets a maid so fair.
With ocean eyes and seaweed hair.
Who waits for him in sea so bare.
For him, she waits, this maiden fair.

The maid so fair has a tail.
Which leaves behind a bubb’ly trail.
And follows behind the boat’s white sail.
Her beautiful, sapphire tail.

The fisherman must soon go home.
And leave the siren girl to roam.
Amidst the seaweed and seafoam.
And go back now, to his family’s home.

His wife, she greets him at the door.
From all day fishing, he is sore.
And though he loves his wife no more.
It’s her he kisses at the door.

And now back to the sea he goes.
Where the tide and the current flows.
What will happen, no one knows.
To his own death is where he goes.

A beautiful song she sings.
Under the stars as the moon gleams.
The water, inviting it seems.
As a call to his death, she sings.

-- Hannah R., Adult