The perfect dream


and having a nice dream.

Hearing a voice, so sweet but deep.

The glowing color and the curly hair perfect as can be.

His smile glowing up the room, and yet he chooses me.

He loves the outdoors sports and all, and kids most of all.

It was spring a perfect time to fall in love

the flowers growing all around as we took a long walk in the park.

His soft hands touched mine,

as we both look at each other in the eyes

moving toward each other HE’S GOING TO KISS ME!!! I thought in an excited way

but there was a voice that interfered, calling my name

I woke up. It was a dream I thought

the perfect man is waiting for me out there I know it

but until then, I'll keep on dreaming. 

--Rosemae C., 7th-8th Grade