The Great Divide

True beauty is something we can never get ahold of
The art of suffering the rising water with your head above
The blue sky moving about your eyes
Sweeping open like a revelation in stained glass
no longer weeping nor seeking atonement, seemingly at one with purpose and alive and awoken with a child’s mind and fools belief;contented
Grasping for warmth in a cold world truly
to never know love would be absurd in a world so full of beauty
A veil lifts and the honesty is soothing the clarity of what I’m choosing and why I’m constantly losing, it’s amusing the power of love bemusing about the woman,the vision, the lonely crutch that held my heart prisoner so come to me as a listener.
Lose yourself in dark pools of night sky and build monuments to one beautiful moment
Love is not beholden to death don’t hold your breath and decide all that is left is to dance like fools in a kingdom of theft
To fall victim to the great divide
To wither and fade from the inside
A toxic heart that drives an engine of desire
Mired in blackest fire reflected in counterfeit smiles
We were meant for so much more my love
Hearts have only yet begun to surface from the darkness absorbing the sun
--Mike M., Adult