The darkness inside

The Darkness Inside
I feel so trapped within my head.
I’m just getting worse, I’m better off dead!
I hate this dark place but what can I do?
If you've never felt this, you don’t have a clue.

I’m fighting with evil and it always will win
So again I give up like it’s always been.
Some say I’m lazy - just get up and go.
I really do want to but the darkness says no!

No one can see my struggle inside.
I’ve been fighting so long it’s easy to hide.
I could ask for help but what do I say..
I might be called crazy for feeling this way.

I’ll try to keep going but I could become worse.
Depression's not just an illness, it’s also a curse.
Someday I’ll give up put this pain to an end.
Or maybe I’ll find that understanding friend!
 --Nicole B, Adult