Stars, Moon, and Lost Nights

Grandmother used to say
stars were brilliant deceivers
She sat on the front porch one night
contemplating, unsure of what happened
When it finally sunk in, she cried
Her daughter left the night before
The small apartment fed ten children,
one less after the girl disappeared
The night she left, the sky was clear, full of stars
Its quiet beauty deceived the old woman
The days passed slowly
like threading needles
Grandmother got thinner
and sighed heavily
When she ate, she took small bites
leaving just enough for the daughter she lost
When no one was looking, she prayed
in front of her shrine
One evening, two elder trees heard
an old woman cry
At first they gently whispered,
rustling their leaves, then they wept
The passing wind
on his long journey
decided to stay and listen
and full of sympathy
he carried their message
A bird, after a long
day of hunting, heard the sad melody
It sang the tune
to the lovely moon
Saddened, the moon dropped
a tear made of pearl
Her admirers dangling nearby
heard of the old woman’s tale
They searched
and saw her sitting on the front porch
To cheer the fair moon, they granted one wish
to the old woman, but with a condition
When Grandmother heard that the stars answered her prayers,
she gave them all her tears to replace the moon’s lost pearl
The following morning, the whole family gathered
The long lost daughter returned home
Overjoyed, they woke the old woman
but her eyes did not open
On her bed, lay a pearl as bright
as the moon and on her face, a smile
By Hermelinda
aka Ceci
*** inspired by Shao Wei’s Pulling a Dragon’s Teeth: Mountain, River, and Unfinished Flowers

--Hermelinda H., Adult