Silent Giver

The Sun parks on it’s starfish rays in the midpoint of the Milky Way
Hovering amidst the radiant stars above the clouds
Glistening and vigorous as it transmits light

The Earth cries for a River like Justin Timberlake
Procuring deceased plants and no survival…
“How will I help others if I can’t help myself? It’s insurmountable”, The Earth sobs.

On silent haunches, the sun transits to the Earth’s aid as if it was a Blessing in disguise
Wavering the Earth onto the gravitational line

The light is exposed and the plants inaugurate to grow
“Glory, glory, new life is here, new life is here”, the Earth cheers Blithely.

In distinction to that day alee…
The sun shimmered light on the Earth
And the Earth proceeds to orbit the sun

--Aaron C., 7th-8th Grade